Bogota Bonus: Some Observations on Davis Cup by Junior Williams

Bogota Bonus: Some Observations on Davis Cup
By Junior Williams

Fenway Park comes to Colombia: The bullring scoreboard consists of cards with numbers on them, and if you want to know the in-game score, you’ll have to memorize the umpire’s count. This is kind of funny when you consider the time of match clock is electronic.
If you want to know how fast players’ serves are, that’s just too bad. There is no serve speed display at this Davis Cup. Could it be because the power of Querrey and Isner creates a psychological disadvantage for the Colombian team?

One U.S. fan on waiting long for his food: “They had to grow the pizza”
The bullring has not been close to being filled to capacity either Friday or Saturday. Friday was not a surprise to me because it was a work day. I was expecting a bigger crowd today. I asked one 11-year old if she was coming Sunday. Her answer was “No.”The reason? “Church.”

If you’ve been watching this Davis Cup competition on television, certainly you’ve been hearing the vuvuzelas made famous (or infamous depending on who you ask) by this year’s soccer World Cup. They are not being sold here … fans are bringing them on their own. I’m sure they’ll be exceptionally loud on Sunday.

Thumbs up to the fans in Colombia who have been giving their American counterparts some good-natured ribbing while being very nice and gracious. It’s time to throw away the “peligroso” stereotyping of Bogota and its people.

Junior Williams is a long-time journalist and tennis fan. At a moment’s notice he can give you a list of all the Davis Cup match-ups that would give the US home ties. He’s in Bogota reporting for Global Village Tennis News and will tweet using the GVTN twitter account over the weekend.

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