Serena Williams Survives Zheng test, Reaches Wimbledon Fourth Round

WIMBLEDON – Serena Williams survived a major test on Saturday in the All England Club when she came back past Jie Zheng 6-7, 6-2, 9-7 to move into the round of 16.


Williams said that she had to dig deep to get through the tough match. “Definitely pretty deep,” said Williams. “She was playing really well.  Just have to go out there and do what I could.”


“Oh, it’s a long match, Zheng said, “and also it’s a tough match because she has big serve. I think it’s very difficult against her on the grass court.

“But I think today I play well.  Just few points I have some chances like the final set, first game, I’m 2-‘1 up, and I have the three break points, but I missed, and in the final set 7-All, my serve game is the serve is not so well, yeah.

“But I think it’s great match for me, also.”



Williams set a record for the most number of aces in a women’s match at 23.  “It definitely helped me out today because I wasn’t doing my best on my return like I normally do” Williams said.  “So it’s good to know that I can rely on that.

“The whole match I was able to hold serve I think, so, yeah.”

“You know, just wasn’t making my returns. I hit so many errors off the returns. I was just off.  Usually I’m returning really, really well.

“So, uhm, for me I just have to make sure that I can do better.  And the fact that  I think she played really well, I think she played unbelievable, but I still think I can play better.”

Zheng, although disappointed with the match result, feels the match will give her confidence for the Olympics. “I really want(ed) to win this match,” Zheng added, “because I remember this is my third time against her in the Wimbledon, the Centre Court, so, yeah, I’m looking for what is today I think is very close to win.  So also gave me more confidence for looking for next month, the Olympic Games.”