Back to Reality; Nadal Conqueror Rosol is Ousted at Wimbledon by Kohlscreiber

WIMBLEDON – A mere two days after his other worldly upset of Rafael Nadal, Lukas Rosol fell back to earth. Rosol was beaten by 27th seed Philipp Kohlscreiber 6-2, 6-3, 7-6(6) at Wimbledon on Saturday.

The 26-year-old Czech went from Centre Court, to the hinterlands of Court 12 to play the German.

“I thought it was difficult,” Rosol said of the match.  “There was couple people saying yesterday that I should not play doubles (yesterday).

“You know, I was feeling good today, but it was a little bit windy.  Didn’t help me a lot.  He was playing pretty good today and he didn’t gave me a lot of chances.

“But, yeah, third set, I should have been ‑‑ maybe was couple ‑‑ he was not so good already, and you never know what can happen then after fourth set, fifth set.

But he was better today.”

“Well, of course I’m very happy that I’m not playing against Rafael Nadal,” said the German, “that’s for sure.  Because, like I said, if I would go to the match against Nadal, the chances would be 90/10 to win or lose.  Today was more 50/50.

“It’s tough to say.  I would say if you have your dream day, I think everybody can play and win against everybody.  We saw that.

“Yeah, of course I was hoping he’s having not that day again against me.  I think also the conditions today, it was a little bit windy, we played on a smaller court, so it was everything a little bit more in my favor, I think.

“He likes to stay and hit the ball full power.  If the wind is changing the ball a little bit, I would say it’s not too well for his game to hit every time full power.”

Kohlscrieber added, “well, of course I know for sure he is in a great shape, a lot of confidence.  I think it was very dangerous to play against him.

“But like I said before, I think I have the right game plan against him.  I mixed up the pace a lot.  Every time if he hit a very strong ball, I tried to slice it back, keep it short.  He doesn’t like to move too much into the court.

“Everything I saw against Nadal, I figured out I think the perfect tactic.  Obviously I played a very, very good match today.”

“I didn’t really feel it,” Rosol said.  “You know, no, I mean, he know what to play against me.  We didn’t play before, but, you know, maybe he was ‑‑ I don’t know how to answer this, you know.


“I didn’t really feel the first two sets that I have some chances.  He always break me.  Even if I have just small chance he even start to play better.”


Rosol reflected on his disappointment: “But what can I do, no?  I try my best.  I was trying couple ways, but I didn’t find a good way to win today.”