Kourtin’ Karen’s MSG Scoreboard

15 – 0
Tennis is back at Madison Square Garden after almost a decade absence!

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The snow did not stop the show! The greatest disservice done by both the ATP and WTA tours was the day that they moved their respective Year End Championships out of MSG! Tennis needs to played in the World’s Greatest Arena!

Leave the babies at home!

I know that childcare is difficult to find, but crying babies do not belong at a tennis match! I’m sure this threw off Venus’ serve.

30- 15
Strike a pose…
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Is it my imagination or does Jelena Jankovic think she’s the only one in the picture! Vogue, baby, vogue! Work, supermodel, work!

MSG Tennis Fashion Police


Venus Williams and her yellow dress! She always looks fabulous in it.

Jelena Jankovic’s orange dress. JJ can go from hopping the court to hopping the clubs and all she needs to do is to change her shoes.

Serena Williams, great dress and a great color but too tight! Ree you do need to breathe!

Ana Ivanovic – the “Goddess Dress” looks gosh-awful! Love the color but the design has issues.

And the Applause Meter award goes to……

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….former President Bill Clinton! With the exception of a few Serbs in the audience, New York City loves Bubba Clinton.

Table Centerpiece of the night….

gvtn13 by you.

The VIPs were out and about at MSG but they were especially in full force inside MSG’s Expo Center located on the fifth floor. Take a look at this unusual table decoration which was essentially a bowl of grass. At first I thought that the horse show was coming to MSG after the tennis and these centerpieces were hors d’oeuvres for the future animal visitors or perhaps for the police horses?  Maybe someone thought it was a Wimbledon promotion or someone with a unique sense of humor. Hmmmm.

Advantage Disadvantage Fans

Call me a tennis purist, but I hate when fans cheer faults and yell in middle of points!

Again, please leave the babies at home!

Where was Hawkeye? There actually were some questionable calls. Someone should re-think that for next year’s showdown.

Dashing “Dans and Danettes,” Change at Jamaica for……

Inthe spirit of full disclosure, I was born and raised on Long Island so when I saw tons of spectators dashing to the exits at around 10:20 PM,I knew that they were trying to catch the 10:40 train on the Babylon branch of the Long Island Railroad.

Advantage Serena Power

Serena Williams strokes were so powerful that NYC Mayor Bloomberg should ask her to hit a few forehands down Broadway. I’m sure that the force of the shots would move the snow better than the snowplows.

Bring Back Michael Barkann!
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Since USA Network will no longer carry the US Open, I personally will miss Barkann’s on court interviews. I hope that some network will come to their senses and hire him!

Advantage: Press Freebie of the Day:
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A can of Penn tennis balls made just for this special event. The BNP Paribas logo is also on the balls!

Advantage – a happy (despite losing) Venus
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Afterall the  conferences and the interviews, Venus shares a smile with a friend. I’d be smiling too having won 300K for less than three hours work!

Game, Set, Match and Favorite Photo of the day….
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After her News Conference Ana Ivanovic takes the time to sign autographs for fans. She’s as sweet as she looks. The happy gentleman next to Ana will brag about this photo to his pals for the rest of his life!