Jana Hunsaker Memorial Wheelchair Tournament at the BJK USTA National Tennis Center

Jana Hunsaker Memorial Wheelchair Tournament at the BJK USTA National Tennis Center

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Jana Hunsaker Memorial Wheelchair Tournament at the BJK USTA National Tennis Center


June 6, 2009, Flushing Meadow, NY – Most tennis fans have Paris and the French Open on their minds, however this weekend at the Billie JeanKing USTA National Tennis, fans are focused on Wheelchair tennis andthe 9th Annual Jana Hunsaker Memorial Tournament. More than 50 athleteshave gathered to participate in USTA and International Tennis Federation sanctioned tournament dedicated to the memory of JanaHunsaker.

Jana Hunsaker was an instructor at the National Tennis Center. She was an advocate for wheelchair tennis and was a driving force in beginning a wheelchair tennis program. Hunsucker passed away in 2000.

Tournament matches took place on many of the US Open’s outer courts, with a lucky few having the specialprivilege of playing in Arthur Ashe Stadium. Let’s take a brief look at the action in Ashe on Saturday.
Francois Xavier Monile Sebastien Husser
France’s Francois Xavier Morille France’s Sebastien Husser

Inthe top half of the draw for the semifinals of the Men’s Open singles,third seeded Francois Xavier Morille used a power-filled all court gameto blow out  his doubles partner, Sebastien Husser 6-0, 6-0.  Husserhad knocked out the top seed of the tournament on Friday. In wheelchairtennis the rules are the same as for able-bodied tennis players, exceptfor one thing — wheelchair players can play the ball on two bounces asopposed to one. Morille for the vast majority of the points did notneed a second bounce. Morille has an ITF world ranking of 26. He’llface fellow Frenchman unseeded Sebastien Goudou in the finals on Sunday.

William Endo Van Annunziato
William Endo of the USA Van Annunziato of the USA
Next up on Ashe were the semifinals of the of the level just below open singles, “A” level. Second seeded
WilliamEndo took a straight sets win over Van Annunziato 6-2, 7-6. Spectatorsstarted calling Endo “Sharapova” inject as he grunts when he makescontact with the ball.
GoudouDenayer BlatchfordDembe
S.Goudou of France(L) and M. Denayer of Belgium        C. Blatchfordand J. Dembe of Canada
Sebastien Goudou was the mostdominant player on the court as he and his partner Mike Denayeroverwhelmed  the second seeded Canadian team of Corey Blatchford andJoel Dembe 6-1,6-2.  Goudou took many chances in attacking the netwhich paid off. Goudou and Denayer will meet Morille and Husser in theMen’s Open Doubles final on Sunday.

GVTN will be on hand for Sunday’s finals in Arthur Ashe Stadium. For more information on the tournament, click here.

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