US Open Series Approach Shots: Winston-Salem Open Tournament Director Bill Oakes

Tennis Panorama News will be covering all of the US Open Series tournaments this summer. The final entry in our series of short Q & A’s with the Tournament Directors of some of the US Open Series tournaments is with Bill Oakes, the Tournament … [Read more...]

USA TODAY Golf and Tennis Editor Joe Fleming on Approach Shots

Journalism veteran and current USA TODAY golf and tennis editor Joe Fleming took a few questions on how his periodical approaches the coverage of tennis. Global Village Tennis News: As both the golf and tennis editor of USA TODAY what are the … [Read more...]

“The Court Jester” – Mansour Bahrami

Mansour Bahrami - The Court Jester Ana Ivanovic is not the only tennis pro who learned to play the game in an empty swimming pool. Meet Mansour Bahrami who is probably one of the most talented tennis “legends” you may not know. He first learned … [Read more...]